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Holy Banananoids   
09:06pm 10/08/2011
  Just felt like posting on here. How retro of me.  
That's right!   
11:19am 12/05/2007
mood: chipper
It's my birthday. Woe unto thee!
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Guess what I saw   
02:06am 22/02/2007
  A coyote. Just trotting down the side of the road. I thought it was a puppy needing rescuing, so I slowed down to maybe try and catch him. Then I said, "Puppy...PUPPY!" Then he said, "Dude, I'm a coyote." Then I said, "Well never mind sir. You have a good night."

Ok so the whole dialouge part didn't happen, but the rest did. I think that was my first time ever coyote sighting.

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03:11am 18/02/2007
mood: confused
Thursday marks the first anniversary of my accident. It's hard. I start thinking about it sometime. How life used to be. What I can't do anymore. Lost friendships. Gained friendships. Reinforced Friendships

I guess I really don't have much to say about it. It's been a year and I still cant do basic things like tie my shoes in less that 5 minutes, sit indian style, run, or even lift my leg inside the car without the use of my arms. Bad Times, Bad Memories.

On friday I plan on going out to create some good memories. Anyone who wants to join is more than welcome.

Friday we drink to life!


Post Script,

Leave a message or call if you plan on coming. I don't have any location picked out,so ideas on that are welcomed.
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Bored to my wit's end   
09:47pm 11/12/2006
mood: bored
I actually cleaned and vacuumed my car out today. After I transfered allmy stuff from my car to my room I realized something...my car can hold a lot of stuff. It was mildly impressive. I also realized something else. With the semester soming to an end I am going to have a rediculous ammount of free time. Possibly to the point where I'm going to feel useless. Of course I say that now, but wait until I get off of my 14 hour shifts I will be working 3 days a week, on top of my regular 9 hour shift on Saturday. I'll eventually be crying. Can't argue with the paycheck though.

I'm hoping for some video games in the near future. I plan on renting some games after my exam on Thursday, for I fear if I do it sooner I will forget to study for the German Exam. Which is also probably what I should be doing right now. OH! Does anyone have a 360 so we can LAN Gears of War? Because that could be a pretty fun time.

Get this...   
10:10pm 29/08/2006
  So, after school today I stop and get some gas. (which by the way was kinda cool that I filled up for 30 bucks) Then I realize that I'm not going to make it home without peeing. Whether it be in my pants or the toilet. So I stop at work before it opens, and it turns out Steve is there doing some maintenence or something and I stop to chat for a bit. A little later Jamie comes in and Steve goes to go fix something and Jamie and I continue chatting for a bit. I go out to find Steve and he's talking to a customer who then tells me some interesting news. Some bastard came up to check the times at the Box Office, gets back in his truck, then backs into my car...

AAAHHHHHHHH!!! The guy tells me that he didn't get the liscense plate, but he was an old guy driving a maroon double cab pick-up with a handicap plackard on the mirror. A lot of good that does me. Well, I was pissed off for a few hours and I had enough so I decieded to leave.

As I'm leaving, I notice a maroon double cab puck-up in a handicap spot. Surely the bastard couldn't be that dumb. So I get the plate number and call the police. 3 officers show up (Over kill? they were probably bored) and start checking out my car and his truck. Dumb ass waits until the cops move away from his car and tries to leave like nothing's wrong. He gets questioned and confesses.

What a dumb ass.
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The Commies Regained Power   
12:05pm 05/07/2006
mood: crushed
So I didn't cry or anything, but I was at the point where I understood soccer riots. Final score : Italy 2 Germany 0. Both goals were scored in, quite literally, the final minutes of ovetime. The game was so close to being over, I was anticiating a shoot-out. I was visibly upset, to the point I wanted to start punching random things. It was a very sad day for the Lunky.
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Cup News   
02:11am 02/07/2006
mood: giddy
I'm so friggin' happy right now. Brazil lost to France. I said it right, Brazil lost to FRANCE! MUAHAHAHA!!! Now I must sleep...with a giant smile on my face.

Oh and Portugal beat England. Kind of a bummer, but England has just been squeeking by all tournament so I saw it comming.
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01:36am 07/06/2006
  You Are A Pirate!
You Are A Pirate!

What Type Of Swashbuckler Are You?
brought to you by Maddog Varuka & Dawg Brown
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Guess what...   
12:27am 12/05/2006
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02:56pm 02/05/2006
mood: relaxed
I noticed that hardly anyone updates anymore, which makes me wonder why I check this so much. You people must understand that I don't have much else to do, nor do I have alot of contact with the outside world.

I'm still getting better. I'm allowed to used 50% of my weight on my left leg now, I'll be able to use it all in a couple of weeks. I just have to get my endurance back up. Do you realize how much energy goes into making a sammich? ALOT! Sammiches are tough. It's all about ready made food and a microwave.
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07:56pm 11/04/2006
mood: accomplished
Guess who got the fuck out of the hospital...
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My opinion matters more   
01:56am 08/01/2006
mood: chipper
King Kong rocked.
Check it out   
03:45am 30/12/2005
mood: sleepy
I'm updating from inside my room for the first time EVER! I'm so happy.

Ok Goodnight.
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03:22pm 30/11/2005
mood: rejuvenated
I almost forgot how much I like listening to music. Oh man! I need to go rip more CDs.
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Poll Time   
12:30pm 11/11/2005
mood: hungry
What's your favorite sammich? List and Discuss.
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11:45am 03/11/2005
mood: accomplished
CHRIS GREGORY QUIT! I'm so excited.
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06:49pm 31/10/2005
mood: giddy
homerisgod's Halloween party:

adamblue dressed as the President of Monaco.
afraidtodismiss dressed as the Archbishop of WillowVillage.
ashleyblue dressed as Patricia Heaton riding a turkey.
bohemianblossom didn't even show up and doesn't get any candy.
caleummortuus dressed as George W. Bush.
careo dressed as the main character of "Saving Private Ryan".
fatmanf22 dressed as something electric, but what, specifically, you can't tell.
gstturboeclipse dressed as a deer.
monkey739 dressed as Christina Ricci.
mrcorbato dressed as a Big Mac.
nocent dressed as a vampire.
ohfscott dressed as a character from Harry Potter and the Sleepy Queen.
omninaphtali dressed as the love child of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Julia Roberts.
piscesian dressed as Meatwad.
purplefuel dressed as Jerry Seinfeld.
starlightmint dressed as Paris Hilton.
stephanne0004 dressed as Dick Cheney.
stupidhead66 dressed as a 1960's hippie child.
supaflye dressed as Mr. Spock from "Star Trek".
tot_staren dressed as Marilyn Manson.
xandertheduke dressed as a zombie, and it suited them all too well.
xkj5696281 dressed as the Governor of California.

Throw your own party at the Hallomeme!
Created with phpNonsense
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03:51pm 29/10/2005
mood: giddy
I finally fixed the computer. Viruses are the biggest asshole invention ever.

So we're seeing Saw II on Monday right? 715 Sound good? And are we going to start a riot afterwards?
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(rant aboot gas prices)   
03:51pm 02/09/2005
mood: surprised
fuckin' gasholes being shut down with the god damn high prcies and the things with the monkey humping pump shit and the lack of fuel going up ten cents a day and I'm going to be poor because jackoff mule bitches and water everywhere and whinney bitches not wanting to do their job lack of honor and broken oaths and fucking looters stealing shit and taking it to their secret under water lairs distracting attention shutting down the bitch slut oil refineries that were screwing us over before this and making me use my lunch money so I can get to work so now I'm hungry too and you know gas prices never go down as fast as they rise so we're going to continue to be dick slapped and don't even get me started on how inflation is going to ass ram us twinkies are going to cost 20 dollar a pack the value of the dollar going to the damn fucking ball licking asshole that's right I said ball licking asshole thus making people lead to violence and crime because they can no longer afford to live since the job market is hard a-fucking-nough as it is and people are pouring into our area and have no where to go anymore unless they want to go home and fend off the shit hole gators

In conclusion, if you can afford it, help out a little. The faster thngs get back to normal, the less ass rape you will feel.

Thank you.
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